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Gabrielle Marie Dahlia Tuber

Gabrielle Marie Dahlia Tuber

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Gabrielle Marie is truly one of the most beautiful dahlias we have ever grown.  Her apricot coloring simply glows.  Her waterlily form looks cupped when opening like an english rose or peony.  

Blooms are hefty and substantial enough to be the hero of a bouquet, but not so big that she can’t support herself.  Long stems are perfect for any arrangement or installation.  Plants are super productive - the more you cut the more she produces!

Gabrielle Marie is a delight in the garden and pairs exceptionally well with deep purple and canary yellow.

All listings are for dahlia tubers with at least one eye.

All dahlia tubers will be shipped in April, once chance of frost has passed.

Shipping & Returns

All dahlia tuber orders will be shipped in April when weather warms. All tubers are guarenteed to be true to type and have at least one eye.


Care Instructions

Store tubers in a dark, cool place that won’t freeze before planting. An unfinished basement is ideal. Do not let tubers freeze. Full care instructions will be included with all orders.

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